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UTS Library: Course Reserve for Spring 2018

UTS Course Reserves Spring 2018

Recommended readings.

This page contains sources and material that your Professor deems required material for the Spring 2018 semester. However, please speak with your Professor for the most current material or course requirements.

The5141: Ethics and Social Justice (Dr. Noda)

  • Exploring Christian Ethics: Biblical Foundations for Morality. Fedler, Kyle D. (2006).
  • Ministerial Ethics: Moral Formation for Church Leaders. Trull, Joe E. (2004).
  • Choosing the Good: Christian Ethics in a Complex World. Hollinger, Dennis P. (2002).
  • Christian Ethics: A Case Method Approach. 4th ed. Stivers, Laura A. (2012).
  • Ethics of Family LIfe. Neusner, J. ed. (2000).
  • Justice: What's the Right thing to Do? Sandel, Michael J. (2010).
  • Inequality for All. (DVD).
  • Basic Instincts 5: The Milgram Experiment Revisited. (DVD)
  • Stanford Prison Experiment, The. (DVD).
  • Good Place, The: Everything is Fine. (DVD).
  • Inside Job. (DVD).
  • Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. (DVD).
  • Corporation, The. (DVD).

LTR5131: Church History I (Dr. Mickler)

  • History of the Christian Church, A. 4th ed. Walker, W. (1985)
  • Rise of Christianity, The. Frend, W.H.C. (1984).
  • Story of Christianity, The: The Early Church to the Dawn of the Reformation. Vol. 1. Gonzalez, J. (2010).
  • History of Christianity, A: Beginnings to 1500. Latourette, K.S., Vol. 1 (1975).
  • Medieval History: The Life and Death of Civilization. Canto, N. (1963).
  • Early Church: The Story of Emergent Christianity. Chadwick, H. (1993).
  • History of Christianity in Asia. Beginnings to 1500. Vol. 1 Moffett, S.H. (1992).

SCR5141: New Testament Foundations (Dr. David)

  • Writings of the New Testament, The: An Interpretation. Johnson, L. (2002).
  • Introduction to the New Testament, An.  Brown, R. (1997).
  • General Introduction to the Bible, A. Geisler, N. (1986).

EDU5101: Foundations of Religious Education (Dr. Chesnavage)

  • Greek New Testament, The. (1983). Alland, K.
  • Read it in Greek. An Introduction to New Testament Greek. (1998). Countryman, L. 

LTR5515: Interfaith Peacebuilding and the United Nations (Dr. Kaufman)

  • Bringing Peace. (2005). Hanh, Thich Nhat.
  • The Qur'an: With References to the Bible. Kaskas, S. (2016)
  • Living Religions. Fisher, M.P.  (2008)
  • Encountering God: A Spiritual Journey from Bozeman to Banaras. Eck, Diana L. (2003)
  • World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts. Wilson, A., ed. (1991).

MIN5106: Ecumenism and Interfaith (Dr. Kone)

  • Disunity in Christ: Uncovering the Hidden Forces that Keep Us Apart. Cleveland, Christena. (2013).
  • Introduction to Ecumenism. Gros, Jeffrey, et al. (1998).
  • One Earth Many Religions: Multifaith Dialogue and Global Responsibility. Kintter, Paul F. (1995).
  • Ecumenism in Transition: A Paradigm Shift in the Ecumenical Movement. Raiser, Konrad. (1991).
  • Silent Compassion: Finding God in Contemplation. Rohr, Richard. (2014).

SCR5131: Old Testament (Hebrew Bible). (Dr. Wilson)

  • The Bible (NRSV, NIV, KJV, NKJV or RSV) 
  • Old Testament Survey, 2nd ed. Sanford, L. (1996).
  • How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, 3rd ed. Gordon D.  (2003). 
  • Elements of Biblical Exegesis. Gorman, M. (2009). 

EDU5311: Spiritual Formation (Dr. Miles)

  • Coming Home to Your True Self: Leaving the Emptiness of False Attractions. Haase, Albert. (2008).
  • Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth. Foster, Richard J. (1988).
  • Spiritual Autobiography: Discovering and Sharing your Spiritual Journey. Peace, Richard. (1998).
  • Spiritual Formation: Following the Movements of the Spirit. Nouwen, Henri. (2010).

Min5101: Ministerial Leadership (Dr. Carolina)

  • Pastoral Theology: Essentials of Ministry. Oden, Thomas C. (1982).
  • Let There be Light: Creating a Life Worth Living. Carolina, D., (2012).

Research Methods (EDU 5811) (Mr. Wagner)

  • There are no required textbooks for this course. Students will be assigned class readings available which will be available on Reserve.

MIN5804 A: Masters Colloquium (Dr. Wilson)

  • Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Dissertations and Theses, A. 7th ed. Turbanian, K. (2007).

MIN5102: Worship and Liturgy (Dr. David)

  • Story-Shaped Worship: following Patterns from thh Bible and History. Castleman, R. (2013).
  • Introduction to Christian Worship. 3rd ed. White, J. (2000).
  • Brief History of Christian Worship, A. White, F. (1993).
  • Liturgy for Living. Price, C. (1979).
  • Contemporary Worship. Wright, T. (1997).
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