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UTS Library: Library Policies

UTS Course Reserves Spring 2018

General Library Policies

Guest Policy

Guests are welcome in the UTS Libraries and may use our print and electronic resources on-site. To obtain a guest login for the public computers, please ask at the Service Desk. Please note that we do not provide printing privileges for guests. For information on borrowing privileges for non Purchase College users, see our Guests page.

Food & Drink Policy

The UTS community is encouraged to use the UTS Libraries as a place for research, study, reflection, and leisure. To promote a welcoming environment, the library permits the consumption of food and drink on the premises, but only in certain areas and within the rules specified below. Some restrictions are necessary because the presence of food and drink introduces the potential for pest infestation that can damage the collections. 


  • No food service delivery.
  • No food or drink allowed at Library Computers, printers, scanners, or other equipment.

Discard all food and drink refuse in trash receptacles. Leave the Library clean for the next person. 

Clean any spilled food or drink immediately. Report major spills to the Service Desk. 

Individuals who disregard the policy will be asked to empty their unacceptable drink container, put their food away or leave the library.

* The Library reserves the right to suspend this policy for special library events and exhibits.

Animals in the Library

Service dogs are permitted in the Library.  All other animals are prohibited.


Appropriate dress is required. All library users must wear shirts. Shoes must be worn while walking in any part of the building.

Print Management

Lost and Found

Lost items will be placed in the Lost and Found, at the Service Desk. Those items not claimed by the end of each semester will be discarded.


Solicitations/sales by individuals or groups are prohibited in the Library unless approved by the Director.

Public Notices

Public notices and announcements may be posted on the designated bulletin boards.  Library staff reserve the right to remove postings they deem inappropriate.  Notices may not be posted on the walls, doors, windows, or furniture in the library. Any items posted there will be removed.  

Alcohol in the Library

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Library, the UTS Campuses are alcohol and tobacco free. Violators will be referred to the Security Office for disciplinary action. 

Cell Phone Policy

  • Phones should be set to silent or vibrate.
  • Respect others in immediate surroundings by using brief, low voice conversation.
  • Cell phone use in areas marked for quiet study should be avoided.
  • Re-charging phones in the library is not advisable.
  • The library will not be responsible for cell phone loss or damage.

Vandalized Materials

The following library policy will be enforced against a patron caught in the possession of vandalized items as s/he attempts to leave the library.

First Offense: Replacement cost of book(s), Periodical issue(s) or bound serials; Processing fee $20.00 per item is flagged with 1st offense and the date; Patron cannot register or graduate until s/he had cleared his or her account with the library; Patron's name is sent to the Dean of Students for further action.

Second Offense: Replacement cost of book(s), Periodical issue (s) or bound serials; Borrowing privileges are REVOKED for the rest of the term (patron record is permanently blocked), Patron cannot register or graduate until he/she clears his/her account with the library; Patron's name is sent to the Dean of Students for further disciplinary action.

Unattended Children

The UTS Libraries welcomes children as long as:
  1. They are accompanied by a parent or adult caregiver
  2. They are under appropriate supervision
  3. They behave appropriately
Please be aware that our facilities are open to the public, a situation which can present risks to children. The safety and security of children are the responsibility of the parent or adult caregiver.  The UTS Libraries cannot assume responsibility for the safety of children left unattended.Please note the following:
  • A child not yet in high school must be under the supervision of an adult who assumes responsibility for him or her.
  • If a child wishes to leave the library, the library staff cannot legally detain him or her.
  • Parents or adult caregivers must monitor all activities and behavior of their children while they are in the library. The staff person in charge will request that a child leave the premises if the Library Code of Conduct is not followed.
  • Parents or adult caregivers are responsible for any act of vandalism (cutting, tearing, defacing, destroying books, periodicals, equipment, furniture, etc.).
If a child is left in the Library unattended, the staff will notify the Security Office.
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